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Corporate Profile


Since Rinnai’s establishment in 1920 as a manufacturer of gas appliances, the company

has held its corporate mission the goal of using heat energy to provide society with

comfortable lifestyles. With this mission in mind, the company has developed,

manufactured, and sold a wide variety of products in its role as a comprehensive heat

energy /gas solutions provider.


Rinnai practices in-house production of the manufacturing facilities used to produce their

products e.g., magnetic valves, burners, sensors…etc., thus achieving excellent precision in

the manufacturing process. The entire Rinnai Group works together, and strives to ensure

that zero defects and product quality are achieved, so as to provide customers with high

quality products.


Through the years, Rinnai has repeatedly taken on new challenges and provided

technological innovations that achieved the best energy mix, subsequently providing

optimal and comfortable lifestyles to the people of the world, regardless of their living

environment. This has led Rinnai to become a leading provider of heat-energy appliances

on a global scale.


With the fundamental principle of producing and selling locally, Rinnai not only provides products and services that are kind to the living environment and climate of each country, but also strives to hire local personnel. The company sees global expansion as contributing to the local employment.Till date, the corporation has steadily expanded into 39 subsidiaries and 2 overseas affiliated companies, for a total of 42 companies today.


With its sights set on the role of heat energy on a global scale, Rinnai will continue to implement its corporate mission to serve the global society better, leading the world to a new level of sustainable comfort.


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