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Projects : Commercial Hot Water Solutions

Installing a Rinnai hot water system is easy, and with known upfront costs, there are no hidden surprises. With improved performance, energy efficiency and affordability, our solutions deliver real benefits for the end user, the owner and the installer.

Our commercial water heating systems are built around our heavy duty range of continuous flow gas heaters. These hard working units feature a more resilient heat exchanger, a mechanical heat exchanger by pass valve and a status monitor.

Our commercial hot water systems are widely used throughout schools, government buildings, apartments, offices and sports facilities, as well as hotels and commercial kitchens.

Pre-Assembled Systems

  • Confidently specify

  • Known dimensions

  • Quote easily with minimal contingency allowance

  • Quick installation

  • Whole system warranty

Installation Flexibility

  • Can be economically expanded to meet changes in demand

  • Internal or external siting

  • Water heaters can be remote from storage vessels

  • Space-saving opportunities

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Lower installation costs

  • Lower running costs

  • Lower ongoing servicing costs

  • Can be serviced without whole system shutdown

System Reliability

  • Can be interfaced with building management or other alarm systems to verify system operation

  • Inbuilt redundancy through multiple heating units

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